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study visual anthropology

Feisty Pigeons warm up, Jarman Building (C Bennett 2010)

At the University of Kent you can study Visual Anthropology at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Previously at the undergraduate level there was the third year Visual Anthropology course (SE554), and the Project in Visual Anthropology (SE555) in the final term. From 2020-21 Ethnographic Methods and Visual Anthropology (SE627) will integrate ethnographic methods and visual anthropology. The previous practical course has been expanded to a two term module, the Special Project in Ethnographic, Visual and Digital Research (SE534). The advantage is longer time to produce an ethnographic film.

To see examples of student projects, see  the home page.

At the postgraduate level the MA in Social Anthropology and Visual Ethnography  teaches practical media skills at the same time at integrating social and visual anthropology. There is great opportunity to experiment and to develop your own creativity in productive new areas. For more information on the programme click here. For more information about the school and the other postgraduate programmes offered go to the school’s website.

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