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Arctic Advocacy: A Hugh Brody Retrospective

March 25, 2011


A retrospective examination of Hugh Brody’s life in Film and advocacy. Presented as part of the Film and Advocacy series, hosted by Visual Anthropology at the University of Kent, 26 January 2011.

Film and Advocacy – Hugh Brody – Jan 26 2011

February 1, 2011


Kicking off the Film and Advocacy series for 2011 was Hugh Brody, with a retrospective look at his career and his work in filmmaking and visual anthropology.  Below are some photos from the evening.  At some later point, there will be a podcast to download and a film of the event, but this has yet to be edited!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Advocacy & Film Screening – Hugh Brody, posted with vodpod

‘Seeing is deceiving’? Interesting article on sound in rock engravings

November 8, 2010


I fell upon an article earlier which looks at the way rock engravings, far from being simple visual representations, have a far more sensual aspect to them, in which sound and feeling is as important as vision, at least within the San of Southern Africa.  It’s very interesting, and well worth a look:

Ouzman, S. (2001) ‘Seeing is deceiving: Rock Art and the Non Visual’  World Archaeology Vol 43(2) – Archaeology and Aesthetics (october 2001).  Pp 237 – 256.

Collaboration in photography

November 5, 2010


Diagram exploring the relationship between the photographer and the subject
Diagram exploring the relationship between the photographer and the subject

Photographer - subject relationship

Can a photo ever be the material realisation of the relationship between photographer and subject? This diagram explores the relationship between the subject and the photographer, and whether it can ever meet in the middle and become a true collaboration, or whether some vestige of power always still remains with the photographer?  I’m just not sure…