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Covidentities – Prizes


Our annual screening event took place on zoom this year because of the pandemic. You can see all the films and interactive websites here.

You can read Felicia Dean’s report of the event and interview with two of the prize-winners (Ellie D. and Aqdas Fatima) here.


Public Engagement Prize

Awarded by  Dr Daniela Peluso (Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology) and Georgia Buckland (Recipient of the Resolutionaries Public Engagement Prize 2019)

Public Engagement Prize – Farah Hallaba for Crawling on the Dust

Public Engagement Special Commendation – Melissa Ngige for Black Is

Prize winners are announced at 5.30 by Georgia Buckland after comments on the prize winners and other stand out projects by Dr Daniela Peluso.


Alumni Prize

Awarded by prize winning alumni (Emilia Brumpton, Noemie Degiorgis, Thomas Milroy & Kimberly Ubendran)  from Resolutionaries 2019.

Alumni Prize- Seasons Inside by Olivia Haywood Smith

Alumni Special Commendation – The Transition by Aqdas Fatima

Emilia Brumpton, Noemie Degiorgis and Thomas Milroy share their thoughts and impressions of the films that touched them. Noemie Degiorgis (above) announces the prize winners from 6.08.


New Horizons Prize

Awarded by Dr Yasmin Fedda.

New Horizons Prize- Another Hill by Becky Harrison

New Horizons Special Commendation –Locked Down Shot by Ellie Kriel Daly


Dr Yasmin Fedda speaks about some of the films that drew her attention and explains her choice of the two prizewinners.

From 7.15  you can also learn about how Yasmin is facing the challenges of the Corona crisis.  She also gives some advice to students interested in pursuing documentary film-making. She says, ‘”you have to put yourself out there, but also be patient”.

Dr Yasmin Fedda’s new film Ayouni was launched WorldWide on Wednesday 1st July and is available directly through the film’s website.  Yasmin shared with us some history of the film and its intention: ‘Made over 7 years, Ayouni follows the journeys of two phenomenal women Noura and Machi; their loved ones – open source software developer Bassel Khartabil, and Jesuit priest Father Paolo Dall’Oglio – are amongst over 100,000 forcibly disappeared individuals in Syria. Faced with the limbo of an overwhelming absence of information, hope is their only anchor. You can see the trailer here. THE launch was supported by The Syria Campaign, Amnesty International UK and Nophotozone – the organisation set up by Noura Ghazi, human rights lawyer and Bassel’s wife. We aim for it to have a significant impact particularly in light of the trials currently ongoing in Germany. We have focused our release plans on accessibility – Ayouni is available in all languages key to the international discussions relating to Syria (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian), and it is free to view in the MENA region. Please help us spread the word! I would appreciate it hugely if you could help us spread the word (please use the hashtag #Ayouni via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram if you use them). It is a strange time, but we’re embracing the wonders of the virtual world with Bassel (who launched Creative Commons in Syria) firmly in mind – and with your help, we hope that Ayouni will reach as far and wide as the internet can take us! ‘


Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Prize

Awarded by Professor Hugh Brody.  Following tradition he shares his appreciative and affirmative impressions of all the films screened this year.

Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Prize- Ellie D. for The Golden Cage.

The story I told through film is the story I have struggled to tell my whole life‘ (Ellie D.)

Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Special Commendation – Crawling in the Dust by Farah Hallaba

Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Special Commendation- Stay Home by Sarah Mazza



From 29.20 Professor Hugh Brody announces the prize winners, and Sarah, Farah and Ellie respond. From 34. 10 Hugh speaks about the impact of the pandemic on his current film project on the history and impact of mapping with indigenous people in Canada.

From 37.25 Dr Mike Poltorak gives some thanks to the judges and alumni and Dr Daniela Peluso offers final thanks to Dr Mike Poltorak.




Resolutionaries 2019


Matt Rose introduces the event with a poem.


‘Welcome and thank you for coming.  Before the films get up and running I’d like to invite us all to reflect on why we’re here and why we should care. The ideas shared today bare directly from the socially bound places and inherent relations that each film maker found themselves in. From Emilia’s discovery of the wasted abundance in bins to the experiences of reclaiming stolen power reflected by Kim. Through the woodlands and music venues of Canterbury, to the daily realities of several Greece based refugees this journey will take us through the moments of lives embodied to us through the camera’s eye. In the manifestations of what each found you will find a range of reactions to the interrelated social situations by which we’re bound. Although divided by geographical locations our films share a specific space in time and today we come together to reflect on where we’ve got to, as a rapidly dying planet inhabited by divided people, inherently unequal, these films speak to the realities that many go through – some positive, others much less so. As a planet we have many issues to solve and too much lonesome focus on this can become a minefield to behold. But together we are strong. Let the recent extinction rebellion remind us of the power of collective action against that which is wrong. And perhaps together we can come a step closer to embodying the, title of this event: Resolutionaries. Now I think that all that’s left to say is a big thank you to our judges: the alumni, Yasmin Fedda and Hugh Brody. Thank you very much, and enjoy.’ ( A Poetic introduction by Matt Rose)


To watch the films and learn more about them please click on the below links.

To get a taste of all the films in order watch our trailer:

To see which films won awards scroll down.






The Tree Lover                 Alex Clay
Lady Luck                    Gavin Knight

Technologically Ill         Noemie Degiorgis

Sofi MX                  Ghislaine Howard



L to R-Ghislaine Howard, Alex Clay, Gavin Knight, Noemie Degiorgis



Warmth Through Movement            Carolina Rodriquez-Navarro
In the Making                           Stella Pitsillidou
Under the Archways                         Tom Banks
F.I.L.T.H                                             Hana Jeal

Tom Banks and Hana Jeal



Who Am We?                        Meredith Ament
Ms                                                  Lizzie Millard
Catholicist                                       Lucy Evans
Flowering Rapeseed      Kimberley Ubendran
What’s Eating Tom                  Thomas Milroy


L to R- Kimberley Ubendran, Lizzie Millard, Thomas Milroy, Lucy Evans, Meredith Ament



Whose Future? Whose Climate?    Matt Rose
Appropriating Icons              Georgios Ntazos
Fashion Swarm                    Georgia Buckland
Bins to Banquets                   Emilia Brumpton

L to R-Matt Rose, Emilia Brumpton, Georgios Ntazos, Georgia Buckland







Public Engagement Prize
Dedicated to Lynn Bicker &
Martin Ripley -Awarded by Rob


Georgia Buckland receiving the Public Engagement Prize from Dr Rob Fish, Director of Research in SAC.

Awarded for the website Future Fashion Index


New Horizons Prize
Awarded by Dr Yasmin Fedda


Ghislaine Howard receives a Special Commendation from Dr Yasmin Fedda


Hana Jeal receives the New Horizons Prize awarded by Dr Yasmin Fedda


New Horizons Prize- Hana Jeal for F.I.L.T.H

New Horizons Special Commendation- Ghislaine Howard for Sofi MX


Alumni Prize
Awarded by Francesca Tesler &
Johannes Walter



Emilia Brumpton receives a special commendation.

Kimberly Ubendran receives the Alumni Prize

Alumni Prize-Kimberly Ubendran for Flowering Rapeseed

Read her special project on The Bodies Battle for Identity.

 Alumni Special Commendation-Emilia Brumpton for  Bins to Banquets




Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Prize
Awarded by Professor Hugh Brody

Watch Professor Hugh Brody’s commentary on all the films here.


Thomas Milroy receives a special commendation from Professor Hugh Brody.

Noemie Degiorgis receives the Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Prize




For wonderful photography in the dark we thank- Ollie (Oliver) Trapnell