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Ten Shots of Verite (2010)

In anticipation of an alumni event in May 2018, we have added basic information from the 2010 screening.


10 Sho(r)ts of Vérité

A Series of Films made by third year Visual Anthropology students


Location: Marlow Lecture Theatre 1

Time: 2-5.30pm

Date: Thursday 3rd June, 2010




Cheryl Ruck                                                  80% Chance of Becoming a Lesbian


Dhanashree Karandikar                          Someone’s Gotta Do it


Amy Coggins                                               Eau Du Chlorine      (Roger Just Prize for Best Video Project)             


Pip Megan Price                      Lazy Anthropology






Madeleine Gray & Sarah Colls                                Busking: A Theatre Without Entrance


John Ireland  & Vanessa Maire                              Counting Down  (Roger Just Prize for Best Video Project)


Anna Robinson                                                             Tina






Katie Clayton                                                                 Touch, But Don’t Look


Christopher Platt                                        One Man and His Boy


Ramone Fowler                                                           The Addict Within


Laura Bradshaw & Hannah Cooledge                                    Morris: “The Most Fun you can have standing up”





5.20pm                     Award of the Roger Just Prize for best Video Project  







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