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Caroline B

October 27, 2010


Photo of Caroline B

Caroline B

MA Visual Anthropology – University of Kent 2010 – 2011

MSc Forensic Anthropology – Bradford University 2005 – 2006

BSc Anthropology – UCL 1997 – 2000

Well – how do I introduce myself?  It’s almost impossible, except to say that I am continually curious about the world and how people live in it.

Having worked in the past as a forensic anthropologist in Iraq, Bosnia and the US, I have become aware of a disengagement (perhaps only in myself, but who knows where else) with communities.  I want to re-engage, hence my return to academia. Studying visual anthropology seems to offer me an opportunity to push anthropolgical boundaries, try new technologies, and offer an engagment with public anthropology that I think can only be a positive thing.

My research interests are wide and varied, but some in particular are; forensic anthropology, mass grave investigation; ethics of forensic anthropology, local effects of international intervention, mental health, the body and movement, subversions of the body, death, dying and the memorialisation of death, children and their cognitive development, gender, new technologies, and subversive dissent.

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