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Invitation to Caremotions 2017

May 18, 2017


CAREMOTION –noun- finding balance between the care of others and self, and the emotions during video making.

Etymology-(coined Canterbury 2017) a synthesis of care, motion, emotion, motion picture and commotion.


Please join us on the 31st May for a screening of visual anthropology projects that demonstrate the remarkable creativity and engagement of our visual anthropology students at the School of Anthropology and Conservation.

The twelve films will be shown in three thematic parts, after each there will be a opportunity for discussion and Q and A.

Professor Hugh Brody continues his long support of visual anthropology at Kent and will award the Hugh Brody Visual Anthropology Prize.

We welcome visiting Professor Daw-Ming Lee from Taiwan who will award a prize in his name. He is a reknowned academic and filmmaker and will be

giving a talk about his work on the 24th May.

The Lynn-Bicker foundation led by Alan Bicker will award a Public Engagement Prize. There will also be an audience prize.

After the event we will move to the Gulbenkian for post screening drinks and pot-luck.

Screenshot from Painting a Journey (Evleen Price)

Painting: Andrew Price

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